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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Is there a distinct shade that colors your wardrobe? We all have that favorite hue that influences what we purchase, whether we intend it to or not. While making fashion choices according to your element gives your mood that certain boost, there’s also a deeper meaning to the color that draws you in on any particular day. Here are some examples of how your outfit’s colors sends a subtle message about you:


Feel like you need a little bit more of that spotlight? Go red or go home. It’s the perfect ally for times when you want to draw attention to you and your outfit. If you want to stand out, need to speak at an event or project the fiercest confidence, then this bold and beautiful color is your new best friend. If you’re feeling shy or nervous, go for a more muted alternative.

If you’re interested in adding an earthy yet sensual splash of red to your wardrobe, why not try a dress in Marsala? After all, it’s the color of the year this 2015!


Shades of yellow are ideal choices for times when you need to make an important choice or convey a sense of stability. However, when you feel like you need all of your energy, avoid this bright color since it can drain your energy quicker.


Bubbly, bright and fun, this romantic hue is a favorite choice for those who need to resolve an issue with a close friend or family member. It helps to dial down angry feelings and soothes tempers as well!


There’s no surprise that many world leaders and powerful figures prefer black outfits. The color conveys power and authority, while supporting values of strength and depth. During times when you want to exude an air of mystery or promote a sense of leadership, there’s no other option. As much as possible, avoid this dark shade if you want to blend in with your peers and be seen as one with the crowd.

Every woman knows it and most of them already have it! Take a look back at the history of the classic little black dress. While its cut and style may have evolved throughout the years, there’s no denying that this closet staple will never go out of style.


Everyone feels insecure or scared at times. When you want to feel safe, choose a familiar shade of brown as its seen as a comforting color. It’s best to avoid this color when you need to deal with hardheaded or stubborn individuals.


Just as bright blades of grass and tall, healthy trees project a feeling of life and growth, so does the color green. It’s a fantastic color when you need to take new class, learn a skill or want an energy boost. Since this is a stimulating shade, avoid green clothes when you’re feeling uneasy or restless.

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