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Our Story

Raul E New York is an American cosmetics and fashion brand founded in 2010 by Silvana Penavić (pronounced Penavich), a Croatian-American designer. When Silvana Penavić decided to create Raul E New York brand, her goal was to share her love of nature, sophisticated fashion, American and Croatian cultures and to bring deeper sense of balance and harmony into this world. The name Raul came from the horse Raul loved and owned by Silvana. Letter E came from the word equine. Having made Long Island, New York her home for more than two decades, The brand name is a representation of the unique culture and voice of New York.

Born in the Republic of Croatia, struggling with her 6-foot-tall frame as a young girl, Silvana began to design and make her own clothes and cosmetics.
She was involved with fashion from a young age and it became Silvana’s dream to own a retail cosmetics and apparel company, so that when other girls wore her designs they would feel “beautiful, empowered, balanced and they can do anything they set their mind to.”

Silvana Penavić is a Reiki Master Teacher, Feng Shui expert, who boasts a Masters’ Degree in Business Management from Stony Brook University, had several occupations prior to starting her own brand, including teaching at different levels from pre-school through college. She utilizes a combination of Western and Eastern and Native American traditions in creating her products.
By applying the cutting edge technologies and elaborate lab testing combined with Reiki energy and Feng Shui, her products applied and used on the body create improved skin health and more joyous living.

Silvana says the inspiration for her designs stem greatly from nature, her native Croatian culture and the United States, her adopted country. Silvana’s own original designs, as well as the designs of other brands she collaborates with, can be found on her online store. She aims for her company to be elegant, timeless, classy and feminine, saying, “I want it to be more than cosmetics and clothes, I want it to be special and empower you when you wear it.”

Raul E New York sells Cosmetics, Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s apparel, Jewelry, Purses, Toys and Home Goods.

The brand’s regular prices are described to reflect their product’s quality and the amount of effort put into their production.
“I always look for clarification that the workers are paid, that they get benefits and that they are respected for their work. To me, everybody who touched my product is part of it. They put their soul, their energy, and their vision into making this item, so they deserve to be well-treated and rewarded for this,” Penavić says.

“Seek the beauty within yourself always, and trust the balance within yourself that is a part of beauty as well. Harmony and beauty of the human body, as well as happiness and peace of the human soul is my vision for each of my customers.” -Silvana Penavić