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Relax With Reiki: The Japanese Healing Technique

There are many times when the traditional forms of relaxation fail to provide the type of de-stressing that you need. Reiki, a Japanese practice created in the early 1900s, is fast becoming the preferred relaxation technique of many. It relies on the healing and transferring of energy from a practitioner’s palms into the recipient’s body.

This form of stress reduction was created by a Buddhist monk and is based on the concept of Ki or energy. The energy that flows from the practitioner to the recipient creates a healing and relaxation effect that is described as a warm sensation over the affected area.

The Japanese introduced the concept of Ki and how it is in all things, from humans to the earth to water and to sunlight. The Ki that’s found inside a human’s body and mind is affected by his or her emotions and thoughts. When we think positive thoughts, it strengthens our Ki and pushes us to be more enthusiastic, energetic and confident.

In that same vein, when we become ill, it stems from our own energy field before physically manifesting in our body. Because Ki is affected by our thoughts, it can either boost our health or bring us toward disease and dysfunction.

When an individual undergoes a session of Reiki, energy from the practitioner flows into the recipient’s energy field and surround his or her tissues and organs in the effort to remove the negative Ki. This flow of positive Ki is then restored with the recipient’s wellbeing. Reiki offers an elevated level of nurturing to the body’s tissues and organs. It also heals the spirit, emotions and mind. Experiencing a Reiki session makes every participant feel better than before they began.

A Reiki session develops pleasing feelings of confidence, peace, happiness and love. When we feel joyful, it greatly decreases physical discomfort and pain. Reiki is also very helpful when it is done over any injured area or any part that feels pain. Those who suffer from depression or anxiety also report feeling ligher and more peaceful after experiencing Reiki.

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