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Raul E New York Valentine’s Day Goddesses

At Raul E New York  Valentine’s Day Goddesses of Love and  Romance are  in the air and this love is for you. We feel You are ready for love and you are worthy of love. You are emotionally ready to embrace this love in your heart.

A new beginning, a new chapter, a new story.  Raul E New York believes You are the creator of this story. You are the main character. What you do and say, how you behave and act is part of your script, your role in this story.

The story is well known and you love it. You know there is a happy ending.

Some things you need: faith and goddesses of Love and Romance. Bestselling author Daphne Rose Kingma once said “Faith is belief in the unseen, the quietly held convictions that even though you can’t imagine how, at some point, in some place, in the right way, the thing you desire will indeed come to pass.”

There is a wonderful book “A Goddess is a Girl’s Best Friend” written by Laurie Sue Brockway, and she writes beautifully about Goddesses Venus, Oshun, Freya, Persephone, Gauri and Isis. Each of these goddesses represent a feminine power such as beauty, sensuality and creation of life and relationship. All throughout history, women have found ways to fulfill their need to connect, particularly with the essence of their inner goddess. Laurie’s descriptions of the goddesses are well articulated, as well as her explanations on how to connect with them through rituals. Below are some of the rituals from her book and how I perceive and understand them.

Raul E New York Valentine’s Day Goddesses  Rituals

Venus represents the ultimate self-love goddess while Freya helps you to be the magnet for men.


Laurie Sue gives you practical ways to capture the essence of Venus through the ritual of the rose. Pick a day that feels right for you to do a ritual in her name. Surround yourself with roses, which are the flower of Venus. Prepare the atmosphere with candles, rose petals, scents, and a warm bath. Change your clothes and put on a flowing robe. Play the music that opens your heart. Laurie Sue Brockway says” Walk down the aisle to your altar of self-love…Step in and speak out loud, as if making an offering to the goddess: Venus, goddess of love, I come to you pure of heart, mind and spirit. Let me bask in your loving embrace and know what it is to evoke the great love from the goddess who dwells within.”

Finish the ritual of the roses by walking back out through the rose petals to a new beginning, where you come to love yourself more and more each day.

Treat yourself regularly so you can build strong self-esteem and woman’s divine worth. Those who enter your space will respect and treat you in a loving way.


This goddess helps to bring out your wild woman who is filled with a raw and primal sensuality. Give yourself permission to have sensual pleasure and call on Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of Rivers and the Spirit Orisha that sustains life. Dare enough to explore your own body with the intention to love and appreciate it by following this ritual: dance, dance, dance without inhibitions. Afterwards, create a safe and sensual environment so you will be completely relaxed. Look at your body without judgment, completely naked. Look into your eyes, and connect with the sensual goddess within you, and greet her with love and a smile. Give yourself a new name, which reflects the goddess within you. Practice this ritual as often as you like or you feel is necessary.


Have yourself a Happy Valentine’s Day from  Raul E New York Valentine’s Day Goddesses !

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