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Harmonize Your Style With Feng Shui

Fashion Feng Shui is not a new concept by any means. It plays an important yet subtle part in our lives — and in our style choices. The philosophy is all about how our surroundings affect our wellbeing and state of mind. Feeling out of sorts or need a confidence boost? Thanks to the same principles of Feng Shui, we also know that colors affect our daily mood much more than we realize.

There are several patterns, styles and colors in Fashion Feng Shui that represent each birth element. But fashionistas know that even if they were guaranteed a lifetime of good luck, they wouldn’t dare stick to a single pattern for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, Feng Shui prioritizes a sense of harmony and balance that allows us to incorporate a wealth of looks into our daily wear.

Find your predominant element and take a look at the fashionable choices you can make to find the best outfit for you, according to Feng Shui:

Earth Element

Add Harmony With: Wood Element

Earth personalities can be stubborn or resistant to change, but getting a little help from items with a dominant wood element, like those with greens and blues, can make a big difference. Wood accessories, shoes and other knick-knacks can help them achieve a sense of balance due to the element’s characteristics that define natural growth and sense of movement.


Water Element

Add Harmony With: Earth Element

Outfits with a lot of earthy hues, such as yellows and browns, and those that offer boxy or structured designs mesh well with Water personalities. The latter are very adaptable people, but they tend to lose focus easily, so the Earth element acts as a support that softens the energy flow and helps the wearer achieve better clarity.

Fire Element

Add Harmony With: Water Element

Fire personalities sizzle with attitude and passion, so they need to temper it with dark shades and the Water element. Going with classic black or deep shades of blue are great choices, as are clothes that highlight reflective surfaces and wavy patterns. Movement is important to Fire personalities so flowing styles and shapes should be prioritized.


Wood Element

Add Harmony With: Metal Element

People with the Wood element can be strong of will, but sometimes suffer from rigidity or being stuck in the past. Incorporating the Metal element helps them remember that we all have the capability to move forward with our lives. Metallic and pastel colors, as well as rounded shapes, work great with this personality.

Metal Element

Add Harmony With: Fire Element

Having a generally colder personality is a common setback for those born under the Metal element. Adding a spark of fire with reds and oranges, leather materials, and animal prints bring a rush of energy and warmth that’ll help Metal personalities connect better with their peers.


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