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Female Empowerment Is The Highlight Of 2017

This year in fashion was all about bright colors, bold prints and loose, bouncy ruffles, reflecting the growing wave of female empowerment that swept the nation. 2017 was the year women reclaimed their power, from the inspiring Women’s March at the start of the year, to the beginning of the #MeToo movement that took over in the fall. As the days passed, the voices that demanded gender equality grew stronger and stronger.

This wave extended to the fashion world, and it manifested in both obvious and subtle ways.

The Year Of Pink Empowerment

From the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., to the more than 600 linked marches that spread across the globe, and to the popularity of #MillennialPink, the large range of pink tones dominated the year. It began with Pantone naming Rose Quartz the first of two colors of the year in 2016, but it carried over to the next year and was seen not only in fashion, but in interiors, and even the tech world.

Pink was not just for little girls anymore. Our changing and evolving ideas about gender fluidity meant that this beautiful color was also proudly worn by men, such as rose-colored pants, shoes, and even workout attire.

Bold & Bright Patterns

Bright colors, floral patterns, bold ruffles: designers all agreed that 2017 was not a year for silence and muted hues. Designers proudly showed off their female-centered pieces throughout the international fashion weeks, with their festive and floral creations blooming on a wide variety of silhouettes, from delicate dresses to puffed coats.

Luxury & Consciousness In Consumerism

The number of organic products, yoga studios and natural drink stations increase by the day, proving that the masses are nothing but welcoming of the focus on wellness. Along with the steady growth of sustainable and conscious goods, it’s safe to say that old-fashioned consumerism is not the way to go in this day and age. Caring for the environment and for the people who make our garments is cool, chic and c’est magnifique!

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