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Dress Your Best Element

You are what you wear, especially when it comes to Feng Shui and the world of fashion. The colors you choose affect how others respond to you and influence your current emotions. Taking the time to be mindful and carefully select the fabric, color, shape and pattern of your outfits based on the five primary Feng Shui elements can mean a great deal. Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth and Water each has a particular shape, color and definitive attributes tied to it. Whenever you wear something that represents an element, you take on its unique qualities.

Here are some examples of the patterns, colors and other factors that represent each element of Feng Shui along with advice on the best times to wear them:

Metal Element

Purpose: Shining a spotlight on you and you alone works best when you’re wearing the Metal element. Cultural events and elegant affairs are great venues for this element as well.

Colors: As you may have guessed, metallic colors are your best friend. If you prefer a more laidback Metal element that still takes advantage of its attributes, you can choose outfits in pastel colors or stark white.

Fabrics: Shine bright with shimmering and glittering fabrics. Polished material is an excellent alternative for more low-key events.

Shapes: Curved shapes are all about elegance.

Patterns: Select outfits that feature scrolls, dots and other rounded patterns to highlight high-class fashion.


Fire Element

Purpose: Need to level up the dramatic effect? Maybe you’re getting ready for activities that demand a lot of socializing and communication. This is where the Fire Element sizzles hottest!

Colors: Purple, Orange, Red

Fabrics: Go glossy, glittery and glam! Satin fabrics are a great choice as well.

Shapes: Highlight all the right curves with form-fitting bodycon dresses or angular outfits.

Patterns: Let your wild side take center stage with fierce animal prints. Pointed patterns also work well.


Wood Element

Purpose: Energy is the name of the game when it comes to the Wood Element. If your activities for the day involve athletics and health or if you want maintain a full well of energy throughout the day, there’s no better element to wear than Wood.

Colors: Shades of blue and green, except navy or deep blues, are essential colors that represent the Wood Element.

Fabrics: Ribbed, cotton and linen fabrics are your best companion when you need to sustain your energy levels for a full day—and more!

Shapes: Shapes that are columnar not only make you look taller, they help to boost your energy as well.

Patterns: Stick with stripes and vertical patterns and you can’t go wrong.


Earth Element

Purpose: Perfect for going back to basics and staying grounded (pun intended), the Earth element is ideal for tasks that involve the family or community. It’s easier to feel stable and balanced when you’re projecting the attributes of the Earth.

Colors: Terra cotta shades and solid yellow and brown hues work wonders!

Fabrics: Think textured; think tweed. Flannel shirts also help to sustain the grounded vibe.

Shapes: Boxy clothes keep things no-nonsense and straight to the point.

Patterns: It’s all about plaid and checkered patterns, which should be very easy when you’re selecting flannel outfits.


Water Element

Purpose: For the bold, the artistic, the spiritual and the intellectual, the Water Element offers a great boost to your innate talents. This is also a great element to wear when you want to feel sophisticated or show great strength.

Colors: Never neglect navy and deep blue shades! Incorporate it into your outfit or choose a classy accessory in those hues. Classic black is a main shade as well.

Fabrics: If there’s ever a perfect time to wear sheer fashion, it’s when you want to embrace the Water Element’s attributes. Velvet and chiffon fabrics are fantastic alternatives.

Shapes: Fluid and flowing shapes are the way to go for outfits highlighting the Water Element.

Patterns: Abstract, paisley and wavy patterns are your well-kept secret weapon.

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